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What times does U.City boiler run to provide hot water?
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UPDATE 17/05/2023

Every 6-12 apartments share hot water. This unit warms water by hot water solar panels when the sun is shining and by the automated boiler.

The boiler has been set to run at the following times every day during winter (5.30-7.30 a.m and then 6.30-9 p.m.).
During summer season (May Onwards), the boiler will be set to run in the early morning until term end.

Generally speaking, the system can take upto 75-90 minutes to heat up from cold. Providing that the water hasn’t been consumed, the hot water cylinders will keep the water hot for a number of hours provided no-one has used them. To ensure that you have hot water, tenants should ensure they are aware of these running times. Tenants should first try running the water for up to 1-2 minutes to see if the water is Hot. Tenants are reminded to be mindful of their consumption and other fellow tenants who also want hot showers.

Before opening a ticket a tenant should check the hot water supply during these time(s). e.g at 7.30 a.m.  Since the boiler would have been running for a number of hours, even if your neighbor has used the shower during this time the water should still be considerably hot, if not then there is a problem and you should open a ticket.  It is also a good idea to check with your neighbor if they have been having any problems.  

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