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My internet connection is slow
Last Updated 2 years ago

If you are experiencing slow speeds, please first check the connection with a wired ethernet cable.  Also please make sure that your wireless is turned off.  Users should check the connection on more than one device if possible to confirm the issue.  Please check that your device is not performing some kind of update and that you have a recent anti-virus updated and installed and have performed a scan.  Please also check with multiple websites as the problem may be with particular website rather than with our network.  You can use multiple speed tests to confirm speed, this will give you a more accurate picture of whether the connection has a problem.  Please see google search below: are assigned a minimum of 10mb download and 5mb upload per wired ethernet connection located at their desk (or 20/10mb if they have double speed), through our managed routers, however this speed will be dependent on the network internet provider and therefore external network issues beyond U.City’s control cannot be guaranteed. 

Wireless connections are not assigned a minimum speed due to their instability and because a user can connect multiple wireless devices and give out U. CIty passwords to guests, etc.  We essentially guarantee speed through a wired connection to a tenants desk and any remaining bandwidth on the line is shared to the wireless connection.

Therefore we recommend all users connect via the wired ethernet connection when performing important assignments and exams. If your PC does not have a wired internet connection, U.City may have a few units for sale or can guide you where to purchase one.

If you have confirmed that the problem does indeed exist, please send screenshots of the speedtest results and provide us with your device name and model. if your problem is with wifi please also see

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